The safety of all members is a priority for BCSSA. The resources below are provided to assist coaches, officials, club administrators and parents to make safe decisions for all skaters in BC.

COVID-19 Response

Each member club is responsible for creating their own Safety Plan that meets or exceeds the requirements in the BCSSA Guidelines (see below). The Board of Directors/Executive for each club must then approve the club’s plan.

To simplify for BCSSA members and member clubs, there is now only one version of the BCSSA Return to Skating Guidelines. These BCSSA Guidelines include information from viaSport (sport sector) Guidelines and current PHO Orders. The BCSSA Guidelines will be updated as needed.

General Resources

Medical and First Aid


Concussion prevention, recognition and return to sport protocols have been heavily featured in the media over the past few years. Speed Skating Canada has a webpage dedicated to Concussions/Brain Injuries, which provides speed skating specific education and resources for coaches, officials, club administrators and parents.

Within BC, the BCSSA Concussion Protocol must be followed at all sanctioned events. The protocol includes the administration of the Concussion Recognition Tool and the provision of the BCSSA Suspected Concussion Form. The BCSSA Concussion Protocol outlines the steps to follow in identifying a concussion and providing initial care. Return to play guidelines are also available for speed skating, through the Speed Skating Canada Return to Play Guide. It is highly recommended that clubs consider adopting similar protocols for their club practices.

Protective Padding

Speed Skating Canada provides guidelines and templates for required protective padding at practices and competitions. Information on short track protection and long track protection can be found on SSC’s webpage.

Skater’s Safety Equipment

Please see the Required Equipment page on the BCSSA website.

Personal Safety

One of the BCSSA values states that “We believe all members of the organization; staff, athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, parents, etc., are entitled to be treated in an ethical and professional manner.” Please see the Harassment Policy page on the BCSSA website for details. Any incidents occurring at BCSSA events should be reported using the Incident Report Form.