BCSSA Coaches' Security Clearance Policy

BCSSA Policies and Procedures Manual #2 of 3 (Sport Technical)

Note: this is a copy of the policy available in the Policies and Procedures Manual as indicated above.

F-3 POLICY: Coaches’ Security Clearance
  1. It is understood that coaches are the direct link to the athletes which most often occurs at the club level.
  2. With guidance following the BC Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), it is a requirement that coaches consent to a Security Clearance document being obtained as required.
F-3 PROCEDURE: Coaches’ Security Clearance

Coaches register with their clubs, (and not directly with the Association), therefore it is the responsibility of all member clubs to:

  1. Obtain security clearances (known as Criminal Record Checks) for all coaches registered with their club.
  2. Set their own policies as to when and how often such clearances are obtained and updated and the manner by which such documents are secured within the club. BCSSA recommends that this be undertaken at least biennially (every two years).
  3. Provide to the BCSSA, on or before November 15th annually, a list of their coaches confirming that security clearance documents have been obtained for such coaches.
  4. Inform the Association of any additions and/or deletions to the aforementioned list as circumstances warrant.
  5. Coaches not listed by their clubs confirming (3) above will not be permitted to coach at any event which has received a BCSSA sanction.
  6. Coaches not listed by their clubs confirming (3) above will:
    1. Not be considered by BCSSA to represent the Association at Inter-provincial, Regional (outside of BC), National and International competitions.
    2. May not be eligible to receive, from the Association, any funding which would otherwise accrue.