BCST Championship Registration

The qualification period for the BCST Championship has now concluded. L2T and T2T skaters qualified based on cumulative Cup Points from the BC Cup ST competitions or based on qualifying times skated this season. The full list of eligible L2T and T2T skaters is available here. Junior, Senior and C4L Masters skaters qualified based on qualifying time(s) skated this season.

All qualified skaters must now register for the BCST Championship. Clubs submit one entry per club, using the club registration spreadsheet and the individual entry form. The registration deadline is Thursday March 5th at 11pm Pacific. Clubs must also submit the name(s) of their club coach(es) who will be at the BCST Championship on the club registration spreadsheet. Club coaches must meet the Minimum Coaching Qualifications Policy; please note that there is an opportunity for mentorship/ exemptions.

Any questions should be directed to Chris Acton (chris.acton@nullbcspeedskating.ca).