2017-2018 BCSSA Committees

All committee members (with the exception of Staff Liaisons) are volunteers.

Standing Committees

Athlete Development Committee (ADC):
  • Thomas McLennan (2 years), Chair
  • Carol Dougan (1year), Vice-Chair
  • Tina Peters (2 years), Competitions Representative
  • Mae Shupe (1 year)
  • Jessica Telizyn, Athlete Representative
  • Chris Acton, Staff Liaison
Coaching Development Committee (CDC):
  • Lorelei St. Rose (1 year), Chair
  • Keith Gordon (2 years), Vice Chair
  • Barb Beck (1 year), Competitions Representative
  • Ariana VanDerStarre (2 years)
  • Chris Acton, Staff Liaison
Officials Development Committee (ODC):
  • Wim Kok (1 year), Chair and Competitions Representative
  • Bill Kempers (1 year)
  • Candace Clouthier (2 years)
  • George Moore (2 years)
  • Ted Houghton, Staff Liaison
  • Chris Acton, Staff Liaison
Sport Development Committee:
  • Nicola Brown, Chair
  • Tania Lauren, Competitions Representative
  • Sandi Vyse
  • Vacancy
  • Chris Acton, Interim Staff Liaison

Operating Committees

Competitions Committee:
  • CDC Representative: Barb Beck, Chair
  • CMDC Representative: Tania Lauren
  • ODC Representative: Wim Kok
  • ADC Representative: Tina Peters
  • Chris Acton, Staff Liaison
Awards Committee:
  • Mae Shupe
  • Sophie Beriault
  • Chris Acton, Staff Liaison
Records Committee and External Course Credit Program Coordinator
  • Chris Acton, Staff


The British Columbia Speed Skating Association gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.