Another very successful Can West Championships by all BC skaters, including 12 Gold medals; 9 Silver and 16 Bronze medals!
Led by Age Class Champions Annabel Johnson and Steven Lim, medal winners included:
Annabel, 2G and 2B, Steven, 2G, 1S and 1B,  Sherilyn Chung with 2G, 1 S and 1B , Janie Green, 2G, Keanan St Rose and Ciaran Scott each with 1G and 1B,
Other Silver medal winners were Lukas MacDonald (2), Eric Orlowsky (2) and 2B, Mike Shi and 1B and both Jr and Sr Girls relay teams
Other Bronze Medallists with two each were Laura Hall, Tahlon Flamma and Jessie Lee. Also winning Bronze medals wereYuna Lowell, Micehlle Kalkman and the Sr Boys relay team.
Well done Team BC!