The BCSSA Board is pleased to announce the hiring of Keara Maguire as BCSSA Sport Manager. Keara will be covering a one-year maternity leave for the BCSSA Technical Director Chris Acton. Keara, a former BCSSA skater, brings a wealth of speed skating experience, with a background as a national-level long track skater and a speed skating coaching background.

Keara is available via email: and phone: (647)222-8860. Welcome to Keara!

The Calgary Olympic Oval is partnering with the Western Branches to offer a mentorship opportunity for branch coaches. Branch coaches are invited to apply to form part of the coaching team at the Summer Speed Camp in Calgary, July 18-23 2016.

BC applicant coaches must complete the following form (also accessible via link) by new date May 24th . Applications will be reviewed by the BCSSA Coaching Development Committee.

Any (new to the Oval) skaters considering joining the Calgary Olympic Oval Program 2016-2017 (part time or full time) need to email Stacey ( by Monday March 21st. Please see the email from Stacey below:

It is that time of year again, when the Program Directors are already beginning the planning for the upcoming 2016-17 season. In years past, we had an online pre-application form but that will not be used this year.

Please fill in the small amount of information that we are requesting below. It is necessary for you to send us this information to be a part of the process for making the groups.  This is only an intention letter, and payment is not due. But it will be easier to have a more complete list rather than adding skaters at a later date. The deadline for replying back with this information will be Monday March 21:

Full Name:
Female or Male:
LT or ST:
Full Time or Part Time:

The cost for the Oval Elite Athlete Pathway Program for Stage 2 will be $3502.00 for the 2016-17 season. The cost for Stage 3 or 4 or Neo Senior will be $4545.00. Please refer to the Oval Elite Athlete Pathway Document for clarification on the stages:

This info will be passed on to our Directors of Sport and we can begin the process of creating training groups for next season.