The Board of the British Columbia Speed Skating Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Misty Thomas to the position of Executive Director effective June 1st, 2018.

Misty is an Olympian, a Paralympian, a past coach in the national team program and has been inducted into several Halls of Fame in the sport of basketball.  As an administrator, Misty has held several roles in  high performance and community sport working directly with performance athletes, coaches as well as local, provincial and national sport associations across a wide range of sports.

She has shown the energy and passion that  we believe is vital to the sustainability and growth of our organization as we move forward into our next quadrennial and beyond.  Her experience as an athlete, coach and sport executive provide Misty with the technical knowledge of the national and provincial sport delivery system that is necessary for this position.  In this time of change we believe that Misty has the ability to think outside the box and provides a new and fresh look from outside our sport that should serve us well.

The BCSSA is proud to now have Misty on our team.  Please join me in welcoming Olympian Misty Thomas to the BCSSA. Misty is available via email: