BCSSA Competition Bulletin with 2 new amendments:

  1. Western T2T – L2T’s who meet 400m+1500m T2T time standards will be eligible (see bulletin for details). Updated competition announcement for Speedtacular.
  2. BCLT Junior males will race 5000m instead of 3000m to match distances at Canadian Junior Championships

If you have any questions or concerns, please email bcssa.athletedev@nullgmail.com

Congratulations to Denny Morrison (Fort St John), who will be inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame on May 28th, 2015. Denny sent the following message from Europe, where he is attending ISU World Cup competitions:

Thank you to the BC Sports Hall of Fame for this wonderful honor. I’m pleased to be joining two past speed skating inductees, Eden Donatelli and Neal Marshall. Both stayed involved with the sport as coaches, following their personal success, and were a part of my journey here; Eden at the provincial level and Neal helping to coach me at many World Cups over the years. In the wake of my career, I too hope to continue to follow the great example of those who came before me and give something back to the next wave of ambitious athletes with big dreams.

BCSSA is extremely proud of Denny and all that he has achieved, and continues to achieve, during his skating career. Congratulations to Denny and his family!