Meet Coordinator Resources

The organization of a meet is crucial to hosting a safe, meaningful and financial viable meet. Depending on the meet, an Event Organizer (no formal certifications), a Meet Coordinator (certified Levels 1-3) and/or a Competitors Steward (certified Levels 3-5) may be responsible for organizing the meet.


Meets can be sanctioned under a BCSSA Sanction and/or an SSC Sanction. More information about SSC Sanctions can be found on the SSC website. To apply for a BCSSA Sanction:

  • Please read the Sanction Overview before applying for a BCSSA Sanction.
  • Apply for a sanction in the IceReg Dashboard when the event is being set up in IceReg. The sanction fee will be charged during the event creation process.
  • BCSSA will email a Sanction Certificate. The Sanction Certificate is a guarantee between the event organizer(s) and BCSSA that the competition will operate according to SSC and/or BCSSA standards and procedures.

Pre-Competition Planning

  • Email the Competitions Committee to have the event added to the BCSSA Events & Results calendar. Dates should be added as soon as they are known.
  • All sanctioned meet registration forms must include the following statement and corresponding check box: “I have read and agree to the BCSSA Concussion Protocol”. The BCSSA Concussion Protocol can be found on the Safety webpage.
  • Arrange to use BCSSA-owned equipment (horn start and/or electronic lap counter and/or helmet covers), as appropriate for the competition. Contact the host of the previous (local) competition to determine the current location of the equipment.
  • In coordination with the Recorder and Referee, plan appropriate racing events for the competition. The BC Interclub Format documents may be used as a reference.
  • See the BCSSA Safety webpage for resources related to safety of all members at the competitions.

Competition Requirements

Note that these are the minimum requirements for a competition with a BCSSA Sanction. Competitions with SSC sanctions may have additional requirements.

Reporting Requirements

It is the Meet Coordinator’s responsibility to ensure that the proper paperwork is completed after a competition. Meet protocols should be emailed to the BCSSA Competitions Committee ( as soon as possible following the competition.

Other reporting requirements (within 14 days of the competition) include: