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ODC periodically release newsletters/bulletins to the membership. Recent Officials Newsletters/Bulletins can be found here:

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Technical Bulletins

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Event Hosting


The organization of a meet is crucial to hosting a safe, meaningful and financial viable meet. Depending on the meet, an Event Organizer (no formal certifications), a Meet Coordinator (certified Levels 1-3) and/or a Competitors Steward (certified Levels 3-5) may be responsible for organizing the meet. For more details, please visit the Meet Coordinator Resources page.


Level 1 and 2 Officials Clinics are overseen by the BCSSA ODC. To organize a clinic:

  1. Contact ODC via email to plan the type of clinic, date/time, location and Clinic Conductor.
  2. Complete the Clinic Request Form and email to ODC. All clinics must be approved by ODC, and approved clinics will have all fees covered by ODC.
  3. When approved, ODC will advertise the clinic on the BCSSA website.
  4. Print manuals for clinic participants (available from the SSC website).
  5. Collect clinic fees for all participants: $5/participant for Level 1 clinics, $25/participant for Level 2 Referee/Starter clinics, $15/participant for other Level 2 clinics).
  6. After the clinic, submit the Clinic Participant Registry and one cheque covering all clinic fees to the BCSSA Office. The clinic fees will be reimbursed to the hosting club.

The British Columbia Speed Skating Association gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.