Running a Mini Meet

A Club Mini Meet is a competition in which only club skaters from the club hosting the mini meet participate. It is usually held during the club’s practice time.

Photo credit to Michael Mong


A sanction is not normally required but may be requested from BCSSA therefore enabling the times achieved at the mini meet to be recognized as official times. A Club Mini Meet would typically carry a BCSSA Regional Sanction. The minimum officiating requirements for a Regional Sanction are:

  • Chief referee or starter
  • Chief timer

Also required for a Regional Sanction:

  • Track certification
  • Emergency Action Plan (template)
  • Agree to follow BCSSA Concussion Protocol

The Sanction Overview has more information, including links to the Track Certification Form and the BCSSA Medical Requirements.

Set up of the Mini Meet

  1.  Using the Short Track Interclub Format by Category sheet, determine the appropriate races your skaters should or need to skate.
  2. To have meaningful races, group your skaters into appropriate groups by time or age ability. Place them in groups according to the allowable number of skaters on the line for each race distance. See Section C6 Special Rules for Short Track Competitions C6-103 Number of skaters on the Line pg. 91 of the Red Book.
  3. Once you have determined the groups and races you would like your skaters to race, consider the amount of ice time you have and determine the schedule using the rule of thumb for short track: 20 seconds per lap plus 1 ½ minutes between each event. Factor in warm-up time as well.