Provincial Stream Skaters

The Provincial Stream objective is to provide an integrated athletic development speed skating program, which allows skaters to progress towards excellence or to enjoy lifelong participation in meaningful sport and physical activity. This stream focuses on:

  • Appropriate/individualized planning, training and competitive environments
  • Personal achievement leading towards excellence
  • Volunteerism and knowledge development
  • Social interaction/fun.
Photo Credit: Michael Mong

Photo Credit: Michael Mong


Eligible Skaters

Provincial Stream skaters include Learn to Train, Train to Train and Competitive for Life skaters who have achieved defined time standards.


Provincial Stream skaters compete in provincial and inter-provincial events, for example: BC Interclubs, BC Winter Games, BC Provincial Championships, Canada West Short Track Championship and the Canadian Age Class Long Track Championship. Appropriate events for Provincial Stream skaters can be found on the BCSSA Calendar of Events, indicated in green. Event formats can be found in the BCSSA Competitions Bulletin and the SSC Competitions Bulletin.

Racing Events

Provincial Stream skaters compete on the 100m or 111.12m track (short track) and the 400m oval (long track), skating in the counter-clockwise direction. Races are a combination of traditional and skills-based races (e.g. team relays, pursuits, points races, partner events etc.).

Skater Recognition

Provincial Stream skaters are recognized for personal achievement and on a results-based system. The Cutting Edge Pin Program (run by Speed Skating Canada) rewards skaters for personal achievements, and relies on the local club to administer the program and distribute awards to skaters. Club coaches may also keep track of a skater’s PB (personal best) time. Skaters in the Provincial Stream may be provided awards at competitions based on overall placing, and may be ranked provincially or inter-provincially, for the purpose of naming onto teams or into programs.

Skater Support Programs


Provincial Stream skaters may be selected to represent Team BCSSA at an age-class national championship. The qualification format for each of the championships in the upcoming season is published in the ADC Team BCSSA Bulletin each summer. Skaters are supported by having their registration fees for the championship covered, having access to a pool suit and access to the Team BCSSA coach for the championship. Questions should be directed to the ADC (

Provincial Performance Program

Provincial Stream skaters may also qualify for the Provincial Performance Program (PP Program), which is designed to help athletes progress to the National Development Team (NDT) and National Team (NT). There are five Tiers within the PP Program. For details please see the ADC PP Program Selection Bulletin, published each summer. Skaters in the PPP (Tiers 1-4) are eligible for Integrated Performance System (IPS) Carding from Canadian Sport Institute/PacificSport. Details regarding PP Program support are published in the ADC Skater Support Programs Bulletin. Questions should be directed to the ADC at